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Resorts in dominican Guests can choose the style of accommodation and size of camp that suits them best.
The camps are managed independently and each has its own full-time staff, guides, managers and vehicles. Ongava Tented Camp is situated more towards the center of the game reserve, at the base of the foothills of the Ondundozonanandana Range, meaning mountain where the boy took the calves. 14 large rock and thatched chalets consisting of: 11 resorts in dominican twins (2 extra beds available for childrentriples). 2 guide rooms (4 guide beds - not the same standard as guest rooms).
This camp can accommodate 30 guests plus tour leaders. It can also be combined with Little Ongava (premier style) andor Ongava Tented Camp (vintage style) to increase capacity for a group.
En-suite resorts in dominican bathrooms with shower, double basin and outside shower (except for the family unit)with a view. Activities include game drives in open 4x4 vehicles into the Okaukuejo area of Etosha where lion, elephant (seasonal), gemsbok, springbok, black rhino, greater kudu and red hartebeest can be seen at numerous waterholes resorts in and fringing habitats. Apex predators like leopard, cheetah and resorts in hyaena also occur in this area.
In addition, jordan resorts hides and walks with guides are enjoyed on the private reserve. Ongava has resident white and black rhino - one of the few private reserves in southern Africa - allowing guests staying at Ongava the unique opportunity to see both of these charismatic species. Game drives in Etosha and Ongava Reserve in 5 x Land Rovers. Walks with armed guide (White Rhino can be tracked on foot). Full day excursions into Etosha National Park (subject to availability of vehicles).
Private vehicles resorts in dominican can be booked at an extra cost, resorts in dominican subject to availability).
In central-northern Namibia resorts in dominican the flat landscape is dotted with a number of large saltpans, slight depressions made by wind action. The most famous resorts in dominican of these is Etosha Pan, which resides resorts in dominican resorts in dominican in the eponymous Etosha National Park, a vast area of over 20 000km2 resorts in dominican that protects an incredible wealth of wildlife.
Etosha means 'great white place' and resorts in dominican indeed its immense salt pan stretches blinding white across 5 000 square kilometres (120km across and 55km from north to south).
Today, a few rivers and occasional heavy summer rains can fill the resorts in dominican pan (in good years attracting more than a million flamingos to its salty waters), but for the most part it is parched and dry.
While the Pan dominican resorts in itself is extremely salty and as a result does not support much vegetation, its edges give way to a surprising resorts dominican in variety of vegetation types: from the resorts madeira resorts in dominican beach resorts in florida tall tree canopies of the tamboti and terminalia woodland in the east, to the broad swathe of mopane that envelops the broader area and the open acacia-strewn plains, grasslands and dwarf shrub savannah in the west.
Here mopane woodland dominates, whilst a low row of dolomite hills, evocatively called the Ondundozonanandana Range, provide relief to the otherwise flat surroundings and harbour populations of the endemic Anchieta's dwarf python and the local subspecies of rock hyrax.
Most general game are present on the reserve as well as within Etosha, including springbok, gemsbok, wildebeest, Burchell's zebra, Hartmann's mountain zebra, waterbuck, red hartebeest, giraffe, eland and the endemic black-faced impala. Species that can be seen year round include Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest, Springbok, Oryx, Kudu resorts in dominican and the diminutive Damara Dik-Dik. Elephant and ski europe resorts lion move between the Park and ski resorts pyrenees the reserve and both black and white rhino can be seen. Birdlife in Ongava Reserve is prolific with over 340 species to be seen, amongst them 10 of Namibia's 14 endemic bird species.
Specials like Bare-cheeked resorts in dominican Babbler, Violet Wood-Hoopoe, Carp's Tit and Red-necked Falcon are sought after by birders, while other species such as the Sociable Weaver and ski resorts france alps its enormous communal nests, the miniature Pygmy Falcon and dominican republic family resorts the brilliantly coloured Crimson-breasted Shrike - justifiably Namibia's national bird.

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