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Amanresorts le melezin Accommodation Search with Use the search box below to search using the website, any bookings amanresorts le made melezin will result in a small commission resorts malacca for European Rail Guide.Accommodation Accommodation Students may choose to make their amanresorts le melezin own accommodation and transportation arrangements. For students who require assistance with accommodation and transportation, resorts condominiums The Academy of European Public Law can offer a package at the following rates: 1300 per person, accommodation in le amanresorts a single melezin room from Sunday 23rd of August (IN) to Monday, 14th of September (OUT); 1000 per person, accommodation in a double room from Sunday 23rd of August (IN) to Monday, 14th of September (OUT).
These rates include: Accommodation in Athens at Athinais Hotel on a bed and breakfast basis from Sunday,23rd of August until Saturday, 29th of August. Accommodation in Sounion at Eden Hotel on a half board amanresorts basis from Saturday, 29th of August until Thursday, 10th of September, and for the night of Sunday 13th of August.
Accommodation amanresorts le melezin on Spetses Island on a Half Board basis at Anargyrios Korgialenios School of Spetses from Thursday, 10th of September until Sunday, 13th of September.
Transportation from the airport to the hotel in Athens and from Sounion to the airport.
This 100 resorts amanresorts le melezin in the philippines service is available only on the day immediately preceding the start of the Academy session (on Sunday 23rd of August), and the day immediately following the EGPL Annual Reunion in Spetses (on Monday 14th of September). Students should make their flight reservations accordingly.
Daily transportation to le melezin and from the hotel in Sounion to the premises of the European Public Law amanresorts le melezin Organization Transportation from the hotel in Sounion to the island of Spetses for the Reunion of the EGPL (indicatively leaving on the afternoon of Thursday, 10th of September amanresorts le melezin and coming back on Sunday late evening, amanresorts le melezin 13th of September 2015); A Cocktail reception on Saturday 12th of September A Beach party on Sunday 13th of September Transportation from the hotel to the EPLO premise in Athens will not be offered as it is within walking distance of the EPLO premises.
In lieu of dinner on Thursday, 10th of September, students will be offered lunch ahead of the departure amanresorts le melezin to Spetses.
Booking of the accommodation package is understood as acceptance of the general Terms and Conditions of the Academy of European Public Law.
Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, the Academy may have to change the hotels students are accommodated in, and also there may be last minute changes to transportation and meal package.
Students will be notified in writing of amanresorts le melezin any changes, if at all possible. The accommodation package is available on a first come first serve basis.
As a result students should contact the Academy Secretariat at as soon as possible.
For amanresorts le melezin more information about the location and facilities of the Academy, please refer to Location Premises.ECC2015 Accommodation ECCO has been dolomites ski resorts made palawan aware of several service providers who have contacted a number amanresorts le melezin of companies who are supporting our events, to offer hotel reservation services.
Please note that only the ECCO approved partner (listed on this page) is authorised to use their name andor trademarks on information they send out to exhibitors.
ECCO recommend that amanresorts le melezin companies do not give information or data to any of these service providers!
Mondial amanresorts le melezin Congress Events, the official local housing partner for the European Cancer Congress 2015, is offering map of pocono ski resorts hotel accommodation and other services for both groups and individuals.
Mondial Congress Events has blocked hotel rooms in various hotels in different price categories. The hotels are located throughout the city of Vienna the congress venue Messe Wien can be reached by public transportation from all hotels.
Please refer to the ECC 2015 Housing Website for an amanresorts le melezin up-to-date hotel list, hotel descriptions and map amanresorts le melezin as well as the booking link and contact details.
As Vienna is a highly popular tourist destination, we highly recommend booking your hotel accommodation as soon as possible.
Individual reservations can be resorts on majorca made online from October 1, 2014.
For up-to-date availability and immediate confirmation, please book your room through the online booking site.

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